Saturday, January 1, 2011

Stone Castle Renovations

Nate, Christea, Nick and Amy have spent their winter break working on renovations in the Stone Castle. The bathroom has been gutted and has new fixtures, ceramic tile floor, more storage and a fresh new look! Thanks to the Reiser family for their dedication to Ne-O-Tez! The shelves are where the door to the outside used to be. Never used the door.
Drywalled and ready to be sanded and painted.

Nate is a man of many talents and uses them to the Glory of God.
So proud of the light and exhaust fan over the toilet!
Looking good!

Christea is the master painter! She has worked so hard painting at camp!

Nick and Amy jumped in and helped. All three bedrooms have a fresh coat of paint.

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Anonymous said...

That is amazing!! What a great job!! Our cooks and staff will love their new digs. Thank you Nick, Amy, Christea, & Nate. God Bless you and Camp in 2011!!!