Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The 3 S's - Sewer, Steps, Spring Blossoms

Last week was a busy one at camp! They tested the sewer system and it works! We are waiting for the final DNR inspection and we are ready to go. We got new steps at the staff cabin and spring flowers are everywhere.
1st S = Sewer
2nd S = Steps to Staff Cabin

3rd S = Spring Blossoms

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Staff Training Sunday Aprl 26th

TEENS - if you want to work at camp this summer please plan to attend Staff Training on Sunday. We are meeting at Maryland Heights. We begin with lunch at 12:30 pm and finish at 5:00 pm. See www.neotez.org for staff application.

Friday, April 17, 2009

This is the Weekend!

This is the big weekend - - - for the new sewer system! The electric is finished (thanks Jon, Daryl and Roger) and we are ready for the cutover this weekend! We hope it all flows! Thanks for your support of this project!
UPDATE from Jon Shadduck our project engineer!

ELECTRICAL - All electrical is complete. I have a few clean up electrical items that should take about 15 minutes before we startup. A great big THANK YOU to Darryl Simmons, Roger Gleber, Jeff Kenee, and Darryl’s co-worker (I can’t remember his name). These folks saved a TON of money for camp! Based on our proposals, I would estimate that they saved camp about $4-6000. THANKS!!
OLD SYSTEM - Loana, our contractor, has cut over the sewer drains into our new system, covered everything up, and laid down seed and straw. Our old system is GONE! We can’t use the facilities until we get DNR certification.
STARTUP – The equipment vendor, Flo-systems, will come out and set up all their equipment and give Bill and I a hands-on training lesson for the system.
INSPECTION - Once startup is complete, we will schedule the DNR and our engineer to come out for final inspection. I have been in contact with our engineers and the DNR. We hope to have all certifications done by May 1 in time for the retreat May 2-3, and it looks good at this time. I will keep everyone posted.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Middle School Clean-Up Retreat

Last weekend middle school/jr high kids from the area came to camp. They spent some time hanging out, cleaning up camp, studying God's word and getting ready to get to camp this summer!
Make plans to join us on May 17th as we clean the inside of all our buildings!