Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Come Home by Bill Moody

The birds well fed are singing,
of the coming of the new birth.
The gentle warming of spring,
Will soon be felt on His earth.

God’s gift of renewal does bring,
a special warmth to each heart.
All are filled with thanksgiving,
for in Ne-O-Tez life they took part.

Chimes of memory bells ringing,
deep from His valley are heard.
A special part of you still clings,
to the Valley’s whispered words:

“Come Home”, echoes the springs.
“Come Home”, chirp the song birds.
“Come Home”, whispers the wind.
“Come Home”, to youthful laughter.

Ne-O-Tez, means youth,
experiencing love in Christ.
Ne-O-Tez, training youth,
to walk with Jesus Christ.

A blessing from God, the gift of your valley. Come Home…


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