Sunday, August 10, 2008

Reflections from Bill and Sherri Moody

Loved Ones,

From the bench overlooking Crystal Falls this afternoon we heard the silence of His valley.
Yet the silence was filled with His breath and the cardinals song from the limbs above did
accompany the melody of spring water and wind in the trees.

Memories and melancholia sing their songs in moments like these. The last summer camp
session ended yesterday, but the children's laughter and songs still linger in the breeze. They
came by the hundreds with many showing worry and trouble on their brows. They left way to
soon with smiles, tears and changed hearts full of life long memories. Many are the sounds
coming up from the waters below Crystal Falls that tell the old old story of repentant hearts and
sins being washed clean.

That was yesterday and just now we heard the opening of church van doors above us. The
sounds of children rushing to Crystal Creek are back for the first August youth retreat. Thank
you Father for the gift of this special valley called Ne-O-Tez. Thank you to all the loved ones
that have worked and sacrificed for over 40 years to keep these sounds and dreams alive.

We believe in the Book of Life. All of you that have supported this great work for children
have had another special entry written into the pages of your Book of Life. When these
entries are read on that special day, He will smile. We love and appreciate you.

God Bless You,

bro bill & sis share
Ne-O-Tez for Christ

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