Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ah, the Memories!

One of the best parts of Ne-O-Tez are the friendships made as campers and staff. Do you recognize anyone from this picture? It was taken somewhere around 1976 at a Girls Week of Camp. Watch for more pics in the following weeks.

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Ron Burge said...

That has to be Marlin Henley 1st person on the left side of the 3rd row. Wow Marlin I don't remember your hair being that dark. The only other people I recognize are Pam Farmer 3rd from the end of row 2 and Tim Farmer behind her. They went to McKnight Rd. I'm sure I know other people in this picture but just can't recognize ther. What great memories these old pictures give us. The pine lodge looks great also. See you at camp this year.
Ron Burge